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Mobile App Development

This course teaches cross-platform mobile application development using Sencha Touch and Apache Cordova (PhoneGap). Development techniques are applicable to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile environments. The topics to be covered are:

  1. Mobile Web Sites vs Mobile Applications
  2. Sencha Touch JavaScript library
  3. Apache Cordova (PhoneGap)

Training Overview

The world of mobile app development is changing rapidly, and frameworks like PhoneGap, Sencha represent an important step in broadening that world to a very large audience of experienced web developers. With these tools, you can now transfer some of your knowledge and skills from the web world to the mobile app world.

Mobile App Training is a hands-on course to developing cross platform mobile applications using HTML5, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile frameworks.


This course is designed for someone who is already proficient with Web 2.0 style programming.

Course Outline

1. The Need For Cross-Platform Mobile Development

  1. The Mobile Landscape
  2. Mobile Web Development
  3. Cross Platform Mobile Development
  4. Sencha Touch and Apache Cordova (PhoneGap)

2. Introducing Apache Cordova (Phonegap)

  1. History
  2. Native Applications

3. Introducing Sencha Touch 2

  1. Sencha Libraries
  2. Environment and Tools
  3. Hello, Touch World!

4. Using Layouts

  1. Layout fundamentals
  2. Layout components
  3. Where did the DOM go?

5. Creating Forms

  1. Working with forms
  2. Form widgets
  3. Submitting forms

6. Navigation

  1. Model-View-Controller
  2. Navigation View

7. Managing Data

  1. Connecting to a Server

8. Using CSS

  1. Skinning the Application

9. Going Native

  1. Access to the device
  2. Sensors

10. Storage

  1. Localstorage
  2. Database

11. The Camera

  1. Still images
  2. Video

12. The Compass

  1. Which way is North
  2. Compass API

13. Geolocation

  1. Position
  2. Position sources
  3. Putting it on the map

14. Audio & Files

  1. The Media object
  2. Recording
  3. Playback
  4. Summary
  5. Reading files
  6. Writing files

15. Contacts

  1. Create a contact
  2. Search contacts

16. Shaking It Up

  1. The Accelerometer
  2. X, Y and Z

17. Notification

  1. Visible
  2. Audible
  3. Tactile

18. Mobile Application Best Practices

  1. 10 Best Practices for Mobile Applications
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