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Phone Gap Training

PhoneGap is a framework which allows you to build cross platform mobile application using your existing skills of HTML, CSS & JavaScript to develop Mobile Apps.

PhoneGap Build provides a cloud based solution which packages your apps for all the platforms. It is a powerful and fast solution to package the apps on different platforms in just one click. All you need to do is upload your www folder in zip format and you get your packages.

Course Structure (All demos on Android)

1. PhoneGap / PhoneGap Build Introduction

  1. What is PhoneGap
  2. PhoneGap Platform Support
  3. What is PhoneGap Build
  4. Setting PhoneGap Build Account

2. Build a Hello PhoneGap App

  1. Prerequisites
  2. App Basic Structure
  3. Running it on Device

3. Configuring your App

  1. Config.xml
    1. Basic
    2. Preferences
    3. Features
    4. Access
  2. Icons
  3. Splash Screen

4. PhoneGap Events

5. PhoneGap Plugins

  1. Device Info
  2. Battery
  3. Network information
  4. Notification
  5. Vibration
  6. Accelerometer
  7. Compass
  8. Geolocation
  9. Contacts
  10. Media
  11. Camera
  12. File

6. Storage

  1. SQLite Database
  2. Local Storage

7. Deploying your App

  1. Creating Certificate
  2. Signing the App

8. Taking your App further (Overview)

  1. 3rd Party Plugins
  2. Communicating with Server Application
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