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The programme provides an exposure to developments in the field of supply chain management including the following:

Understanding what Supply Chain and Logistics Management

  1. Definitions of logistics and Supply Chain management
  2. Interrelations of Buying, Making, Moving, and Selling activities
  3. Impact of SCM strategies on business performance

Logistics Management and Strategic SCM

Logistics systems Design – diversity of choices and decisions

  1. Managing Strategic Alliances: Assessing and Sustaining Alliance Performance (4PL alliances)
  2. Managing Relationships with Third Party Logistics
  3. Conflict management in supply chain domain
  4. Distribution network and location selection and design

The Benefits of Adopting a Supply Chain Strategy

  1. Understanding the sub functional conflicts
  2. Accepting that competitive advantage comes from the Supply Chain

Why a Supply Chain approach will change traditional ways

  1. Looking at demand amplifications
  2. Appreciating the effects of uncertainty and unresponsiveness
  3. Changing the way we manage the Supply Chain for effectiveness

Financials of Supply Chain

  1. Activity based costing
  2. Impact of SCM on P&L
  3. Financial management of risk through supply chain
  4. Hedging strategies for effective SCM

Information Systems and Technology, Measurements and Audit

  1. Information and Technology Management in Supply Chain
  2. Process Orientation to Supply Chain
  3. Supply Chain Coordination and Performance Measurement
  4. Supply Chain Audit and redesign

Impacts to the Supplier/Customer relationships

  1. Practical effects on lot sizes/order quantities
  2. Reducing costs
  3. Sharing developments
  4. Eliminating internal and external barriers
  5. Interfacing versus integrating relationships.

Implementing a Logistics/Supply Chain Management Approach

  1. The changes needed with suppliers and customers.
  2. The changes need to internal organisation and management practices
  3. Potential action needed
  4. The "doing nothing" future, with "lessons from experience"
  5. Guarding against futures of higher stock levels and competition gains
  6. Breaking down traditional silo/closed management
  7. Case Studies
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